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Every dog owner knows how difficult it can be to take care of your dog, especially in the long, hot summer months. Getting your dog a haircut can help alleviate some of the heat, but making sure they’re getting proper hydration can be even trickier. How are you expected to carry water for you, your pup, and other doggie essentials by yourself when you’re on the move?

Introducing the Pup Cup! Luckily, Pup Cup has a solution that’ll hopefully solve all your doggy hydration problems.

Founded in Staten Island, New York, Pup Cup has been providing quality portable water cups and containers for dog owners to take care of their dogs hassle free. With our line of compact, portable, disposable, plastic cups, your pup will stay hydrated all summer long. Provide your pupper with water anytime, anywhere! The best part? Having your own personal bottle and cup for your dog means you both can hydrate at the same time from the same bottle!

With a small and compact design, our cups can be used anytime and anywhere you and your pup need a drink. Our cups are relatively simple and convenient to use. Simply attach the cup end to any portable water bottle or sport bottle

Our cups will fit most standard sized water bottles and will fit securely onto the end – sure not to fall off or go missing! Throw your bottle and the cup attachment into your purse, gym bag, car, or airplane cup holder and you’re good to go!

The innovative design allows you to attach the cup to any sized bottle you already own, pour out water, and feed your dog without needing to stabilize the cup – it already stands on its own!