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Our Story

Take it from us; we know from experience that it’s a desperate need to take care of our beloved pets, especially when it comes to giving them water.

Our company dog Bella has been a main motivation as to why we founded Doggie Cups. Bella has such an amazing spirit for life, and is one of our four dogs that take frequent trips with us to Florida. Bella loves to travel on airplanes and enjoys the long car rides, but her thirst was always heightened while traveling. Feeding Bella water became difficult to nearly impossible to give her what she needed. The only two solutions we could muster were to pour water into the extremely small cap or have her drink directly from the bottle, rending both solutions messy and ineffective.

Bella, our princess Yorkie, is the chosen one.

Necessity is always the mother of invention. In order to ensure that Bella was being hydrated properly, we created the Doggie Cups to give her water more easily. And now, Bella never goes without water when traveling with us!

It’s the least we could do for our favorite traveling companion.

And with your pet getting their own set of Doggie Cups, you can take your pet everywhere too without worry!

Doggie Cups will be on their way to convenience stores near you very soon! Keep on the lookout for them at your local pet stores and commercial giants like PetSmart, Petco, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and even more.